How to Find A Lifetime in A Day

When everything weighs like a decade, a century or worst, a millenium for you, remember to breathe. All the wear and tear happens first in the mind before the body acknowledges it.

How to have a break from the continuity of experience? Take a significant step.

All you need is a day. One sunrise. Or, one sunset.20160424_180821 (2)

Pack your bags and go to the beach! Vitamin Sea helps in dumping all the negative vibes that float like they’re meant to. If the sun gets to set and if the waves get to crush, so should those unnecessary worries, doubts and fears inside your head.

20160424_180631 (2)

Play with the sunset. With shadows. With colors. Do it the same way you will with life.

And the best thing to do in the next few seconds? Await twilight. The best epiphanies come when dusk approaches. And given the setting? You can actually start writing poems.


If you can’t extract all the creative juices and pour all those on paper, grab a camera and start clicking it.

20160424_181912 (2)

Find potential frames and subjects, Or better, be the frame or subject of creative photographs. Get that creative shot for your profile picture!

20160424_175621 (2)

Strike one by the waves.

20160424_175618 (2)

Vary it with leg raises and other gym routines or fitness moves you have in your pocket.

Or a cover photo, perhaps? Just find the right angle. With or without people on the background. The best ones to appear right there? Your company.

P_20160425_182352_pP_20160425_182341_1_pKill it with killer shots! Do it yourself and let loose. The best thing to do when feeling a little under the weather is to charge yourself with the kinetic energy.

P_20160425_175525_1_p (2)Look for interesting things around you and capture subjects while they are immersed and somewhat aligned with the theme.

P_20160425_095314_p (2)Have fun with friends. Be all smiles and fool around. Rare are opportunities to be with people and paint memories using your bare hands!

20160424_181159 (2)

That’s me, Awen, Reg and Mae.

Mae, a colleague from my workplace, nails one here. Fab, fun and fashionable rolled into one! We went aboard a boat when the sun was still up and greeted us a good day.

P_20160425_094029_1_p (2)

Couldn’t help joining her too! We had fun with the waves and our chemistry (haha)!

P_20160425_094546_1_BF_p (2)

And talking about “#squalgoals” shots, why not try it with a clique? Here’s ours– I and my team during our games by the shores.

1609c (2)

You can find a lifetime in a day. A lifetime may mean happiness with the simplest things at hand. And a day is all it takes to experience this! Who tells you that the world is a huge playground or a horrible pit but yourself? Choose to be happy. Choose to experience lifetime in a day. Memories count and they always make you (not break you). Make one tomorrow!




“Babied” at Mother Falls

If you want to get away with the stress work, bills or even Facebook envy gives you, say yes to a half-day drive to San Luis, Aurora. Pack those swimming clothes, rubber shoes, sweat towel or towelettes, ounces of patience and of course–bags of goodies and bottles of quenchers!

The town is home to a body of invigorating water. Love that element? It’s most powerful in the area. Vehement, if that’s the right word.

Invite your friends or do it all by yourself–no worries! Just ask assistance from the friends of Pan.


A group trek offers you stories, stories, stories!


Road Not Taken: you can do it all alone.

After such a long drive, you may rest for an hour then enjoy another calf challenge. Trekking: sounds cool? That’s what’s in store for you. You will love what you’ll go through. The walk will give you a this-way-to-heaven feeling. You may not feel your toes when you reach “nature’s wonder” but the sweat dripping all over your arms and legs will validate your healthy living mantra.


Running water seems to be very eager wherever it is going.


Blooms abound in the passer-by area.

Challenge 1: Foot bridges that will test your childhood balance and agility!



Makeshift bridges: there were like three to four of them!


Just in case your bones tell you they’re tired: an accommodation perfect for the group.

Challenge 2: Steep mini cliffs to climb with stable-looking ladders!


Sherna’s modeling stint in a man-made ladder tourists should pass through to reach the climax of the trek.

If you’re a mountaineer, this will just be a slip on the palm. But, even if you aren’t, you will be blessed to see these near Mother Falls:


A small version of the falls worth passing by!


View a few meters away from the “piece of heaven”: it’s a hidden paradise.

Then, voila! A God-given treasure awaits you. The water will stir the “baby” innocence within you. You will feel like you’re back in your mother’s cuddling arms. Mother Falls is a certified great hit in any wanderer’s voyage list!


Tourists can’t get enough of shots before the majestic falls.Allyses, Sherna and I felt like we were hunks enough after the longest trek of our lives.Allyses, Sherna and I felt like we were hunks enough after the longest trek of our lives.

Hit the Road Like It Is Not Yet Taken

The road is home to stories—interests, trends, desserts, fears, doubts and misadventures(bottom line: sharing). It only requires wheels, reclining chairs, travel pillows and “chewables”.

My recent travel to Baler, Aurora gave me a cauldron of ideas regarding travel. First, you shouldn’t ask why you do it—the “Dora the Explorer” within you answers with an emphatic “Why not?” Provided that you have the means and all the energy, hit the road. No alibis, no excuses. “I only do it when in despair” is the lamest expression for backpackers.

Second, whether you ride north or south, bathe your perspective with the beautiful over the unlikely. Luzon has a beautiful stretch of countryside painting-material scenes that vary province by province. Along-the-road panoramic views challenge the eye and the camera. You will forget about that ultimate Disneyland trip because now-matters-more principle makes you appreciate what you temporarily behold.

If you want a quick geography refresher, drive through SCTEX, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija, with or without stopovers. You will know the outskirts of each province. Plus, you will have epiphanies like: the poor’s psychological hunger is worse than the literal diarrhea and epistaxis they endure.

Third, company gives you a great advantage on savings and bonuses. Bring a team with you:

Photo credit: Michael Mateo

Photo credit: Michael Mateo

Fourth, a well-plotted itinerary saves time. Plan ahead. You won’t like staying in an island all by yourself for 120, 000 minutes. That will be such a bore. Do this with friends good at math, directions and adjustments.

Fifth and last, rule of the thumb for transportation, shelter, food and other commodities when away from home: settle for “cheap yet comfortable”.

Arrange for a back-and-forth vehicle ahead of the scheduled trip. Agree with a decent price (but never argue).  On your way, try out-of-the-box must-tries to forget about the distance and time temporarily. The best idea that worked best during our sojourn: play some videoke in the bus to appreciate good company.

For personal bonding, rent a tricycle if possible. Do this when you plan to do the round town trip by five or six. A van is only advisable if you’re more than ten people. If you’re the type who goes for thrift and fun, get into the “humbling” tricycle because it gives you a fresher feel than the AC inside a van.


The best place to stay is not a luxury hotel or motel. A simple inn with a good view may do. Make sure it’s not too far from other amenities and of course, the spots to go.

Feel like a don with the all-I-need-is-a-bed-for-the-night attitude as a traveler.

Feel like a don with the all-I-need-is-a-bed-for-the-night attitude as a traveler.

Sherna and Allyses, look sure and all pumped up for not-your-ordinary overnight stay.

Sherna and Allyses, look sure and all pumped up for not-your-ordinary overnight stay.

As for food, live-and-act-like-a-local vibe gives you the excellent idea of spending a few bills on home-made courses with free appetizers. Desserts are just around the corner.

So what now? The road awaits you. Hit it now and own it like it is not yet taken. Thanks for reading!

What She Made Me Wear On A Friday Night

One Friday night, the stars called the attention of the “Rhodora” siblings one more time. Again.

I and my sister as a duo: How does that sound? (As to why we’re called “Rhodora”, let’s leave the explanation to our closest friends.)

We were partners in hosting and to justify our jobs, we had to compliment each other through the colors we would adopt. Part of the prep was her insistence: wear something outrageous (if I may dub it that way). Result: she rocked the aisle and I was her handsome accessory! That made us choose red. Consequently, our hashtag was: #thosereds.

17284_960327363986060_7879111312391432001_n 18113_960329863985810_6393213173943677847_n

We felt that we looked classy. She sported a red, long flowing gown and her stilettos, purse and earrings were silver. Good combination so far. I, on the other hand, braved the odds of checkered shirts and same old black coat. The only add-ons that I was most confident about: the boots and the bow tie that I saved for!


Whenever you go to events, one thing shouldn’t happen—looking average. This does not mean, however, going beyond extremes. Did I look safe?


I really loved her look and of course, the dinner after.



Certified Foodie on Resto Hopping

The greatest way to enjoy life is to savor each moment. Memories make it bright and beautiful after all. With “savor”, I mean every little thing that makes you happy and of course, FOOD.

I and my siblings are certified foodies. We were raised as a circle of feel-like authorities on appetizers, main courses and desserts. Our Bicolano descent and orientation of the Luzon and Visayan cuisine make us a good team.

First stop: Stregato Gelateria!


The place is cozy—perfect for gatherings of friends and family! I am not sure if the staff says yes to reunions. Nonetheless, given a minimum number of attendees, it may do. Though it may seem small at first, when you start moving around, you get to appreciate its ambiance more than its size. (That goes with life!)



You get to feel extra famous with a groufie on mirror frames or right through the lens. And, bonus part, you can approach the friendly waiters and request them to take quick, fun shots. Want to goof around? No limitations! A quick etiquette lesson though: TACT!


You can also try the swings! The first one accommodates couples who feel like cuddling pillows. Of course, those who are single but never alone, are most welcome.  And if you want to take that ultimate selfie or just hang around where you fit in, opt for the second one in the rear part that makes you feel like you’re in Rappaccini’s garden (hope I spelled it right).


Sorry for the blur. As for the must-tries, here we go:


Their nachos, toasts and burger sliders are way better than any other resto in Bataan that we’ve been to. And, most definitely, their ice cream:


You may stay a gourmand three hours before bedtime. No worries!

Next stop: The Beanery!


It’s a must-go-to because its menu highlights what every working professional craves for: coffee. There are variations and I like the toffee one!

More will come in the next months but we won’t forget fastfood:


Greenwich at the Center Plaza Mall!


McDonald’s near Galleria Victoria!

Bottom line before more pictures get uploaded: when you go resto hopping, don’t forget to discover the daring in you and don’t go to places full (but not very hungry also)!