The Superman, Einstein Within Every Juan

If life bothers you with whys, what ifs and if only’s, dare to ask ‘Why not?’

The attitude of being open to change rocks. How you look at things matters more than what happens to you, whether it’s a dilemma or a win-win situation. After all, at the end of the day, you’re your own best friend and what harm does trying bring?

Remember that you’re Juan, one of the best fictional characters that lived in folktales. (We just have to be positive.) Before you became indolent in the eyes of conquerors, you knew how determined, persevering and hardworking you are.

And, there goes the most powerful story about you on TV– being a superhero.

What exactly is the bottom line here?

There’s this power within man that is far greater than the entire universe. He just needs to unleash it. It can supply one whole town with electricity for a month or for more than a decade or even longer.

You are Superman. Or even Einstein. You need not follow their exact footsteps, says a Japanese proverb. You just have to know what they sought for. So get up and open doors and windows! (Never bar them– thieves are dead.)

Make each morning a chance to smile. Look forward to beautiful ones in the Pearl of the Orient Seas.


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