“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” say nutritionists.

This eight-word, 30-letter statement has always made me wonder as a pupil. I have nothing against apples here. (Hello, I was most behaved in nursery and kindergarten.) I mean, I find apples juicy and nutritious in fact. They keep everything in you up and they even make our seeds sweeter, brothers. They are rich in vitamin like this, mineral like that.

The point to ponder is not about pears. What bothered me when I was younger was the presence of “the doctor” as a direct object in the sentence. Something sounded drop-dead wrong about it. Why? Because fruits for me as a child are good source of delight—they can’t just keep people who attend to the sick, sickly or sick-like away from you. Rather, I believed that they kept the diseases/ illnesses themselves away from kids like me. Right Mom? You got to agree.

Grownups, better be careful with choice of words next time. As kids sense or perceive them, things may be different. Thanks for reading.


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