]“We can’t do anything about it, gents. Unfortunately, we live in a world short of options. Especially in this country? Come on.”

These words could have killed me right there in that convention. They could have made the bellboys and the attendees rush me to the ICU, urge the doctor and nurses to pump me hard, declare me double-dead and notify my relatives for my decent wake and burial.

Look, I’m not exaggerating. If they were bullets, I just don’t know what could have happened.

Imagine a speaker saying those—yea, you heard it right—a motivational speaker, in fact. He made himself a murderer in front of me. How? Not just through the precise words he said (which I refer to as bullets) but most importantly through his gun/ canon/ whatever you call it—the way of the mouth. He exclaimed with an air of gustiness.

It’s just that the way/ the manner we say things matters—no excuses. Plus, the exact words—yes, they can appear as lies, alibis, jokes if we want to but they still affect/ move people. Bullets are always bullets. They can kill especially with the way we fire them. Hope you’re getting me, licensed shooter.Image



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