I have always been amazed by how life gets you into the best situations– when all you can hear is laughter, when all you can see is a cumulus smiling at you, when all you can feel is the HONORABLE presence of family, friends and good acquaintance.

During my senior year in college, I got the rare chance to go with the UNA VITA team(that’s how we call our batch– it means “one life”) to “somewhere over the rainbow”. And, to tell you honestly, we almost found our own “pots of gold”.

How? Yea, like how exactly?

We tried to fall in love with the place. And, the atmosphere gave us a clap.

The waves began to roar and touch our toes while we were on the shore. Then, all of a sudden, like a call of nature we were so excited to do jump shots.

It felt very relieving stepping hard on the soft, innocent sand. Bingo! I always loved the shot above.

Appreciation, appreciation and nothing but appreciation is indeed needed once and for all especially if you are about to graduate from something “big” or if you are about to undercome, if not overcome certain bad situations.


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