Bluer than BLUE: Fashion Alert!


Because it’s summer and azure is the color that makes the atmosphere cooler, let me try wearing summer must-haves: roll-ups, shorts and semi- loafers.


The feeling has never been refreshed until I saw these items in my wardrobe. Summer is also time to check, double check, triple check on what we can grab for the beach or an outing.


In my case, I oozed with confidence wearing these to a getaway. Living in a tropical country like ours is cool but you have to adjust to the scorching heat of summer.


I wish to say also that in trying anything new with regard to looks, don’t forget pairing the most appropriate accessories. I wore a black watch to match it with the color of my shoes. Moreover, don’t stop on experimenting on colors. My choices happened to be terno or alike but more colors are still allowed. Just consider the hues if they compliment one another. Brown, for instance, can be paired with cream. Light colors can be in contrast to dark. But don’t be too loud! Checkered also goes with plain ones. Keep Fashion a passion!


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