LIFE has its own way of giving back what YOU really want.

All I want this year is LOVE and FINANCIAL SECURITY!

Come May, I’ll be one step before my silver year anniversary on earth and I may be thinking of getting married.


Yea. Oh. That requires a BIG preparation.

For ME. For the FAMILY.

I have the best  hopes from MOTHER EARTH and FATHER ALMIGHTY.

A positive POTENTIAL emanates from within me and I must trust every ABUNDANCE thought it gives ME.

I will certainly get into real BUSINESS in the future and align it with my PASSIONS. Yes, PASSIONS.

Consequently, I have to work on it today. Not for me to be called WORKAHOLIC.


I don’t know.

Kidding aside, I have successfully deposited a “considerable” amount in the bank.

Of course, I didn’t do it because I know the baby comes after the marriage. Hell, I don’t have the prospect bride yet.

With my age, SELF pampering does not count most of the time. I have to be OTHER- CENTERED; that is, God- centered.

I must make HIM work in my life. Thus, I will DO my BEST and let HIM do the REST!

Here’s a souvenir shot of me with my siblings:


May God bless us MORE!


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