In response to a challenge found in

1. What are your grand ambitions as a writer?

The grandest is to get an anthology of my own poetry published, having been sponsored by generous people online.

The others are to get my novels, authored books about language and literature and an inspirational book co-authored by a literature afficionado or confidante published.
2. Is there a type of character you always tend to write about?

Yes. Psychoanalysis always shows in my write-ups. A touch of my own experiences and the ones I observe around me.
3. How do you really know if you have talent or if you’re just wasting your time?

The passion is all what it takes. The fire shall not die.

“Rage, rage against the the dying of the light!”
4. What is your least favourite thing about writing?

The challenge to get it published to be somewhat remembered. Sponsors are really needed.
5. If you could escape into a  book —like literally go INSIDE that book— which one would you choose?

A book of poetry. I would love to recite my own soliloquys in response to the poems in it.


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