Bagging Memories in Baguio

The retreat to the highlands started with a hilarious idea. Until, boom! It just needed a little conflict of ideas– brainstorming– thanks to the authors! A bus to rent. People to consider. Luggage to pack. And, most importantly, MONEY to spend!

But, it was not costly at all. Partly, because the trip was really cheap. Matter-of-factly, because of the memoirs. Golden. Fleeting.

We left Balanga minutes after midnight. The air made everybody’s chest and palm clammy. The sitting arrangement was not cozy. And the people I was with? Good enough. (hehe)


The bus made memories out of its wheels and chairs and windows. It drove us crazy.

At dawn we came in Baguio. A shot at Jollibee made our morn.

Beside a pearl from Mindanao.

But, there was something even more outrageous than that. A Mass that refreshed the lyrics of an immaculate song way back in high school: Ave Maria!


The stairs to Lourdes Grotto were worth the climb. It energized our calves.


GE DIGITAL CAMERA   1601558_10202428894477061_1495449242_n

And what about this? Jump for joy with your hands fixed liked praying!


The day also ended with the Holy Eucharist where I chanced upon being an altar boy for the first time.


Below are poses reminiscing Giovanni from Rappacini’s Daughter at the Botanical Garden.

climbing as if it's a bean tree



We roamed around stalls looking for fridge magnets and the “eternal” key chains!


A jump was also a must in front of The Mansion!


Wait there’s more! Watch out!


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