What She Made Me Wear On A Friday Night

One Friday night, the stars called the attention of the “Rhodora” siblings one more time. Again.

I and my sister as a duo: How does that sound? (As to why we’re called “Rhodora”, let’s leave the explanation to our closest friends.)

We were partners in hosting and to justify our jobs, we had to compliment each other through the colors we would adopt. Part of the prep was her insistence: wear something outrageous (if I may dub it that way). Result: she rocked the aisle and I was her handsome accessory! That made us choose red. Consequently, our hashtag was: #thosereds.

17284_960327363986060_7879111312391432001_n 18113_960329863985810_6393213173943677847_n

We felt that we looked classy. She sported a red, long flowing gown and her stilettos, purse and earrings were silver. Good combination so far. I, on the other hand, braved the odds of checkered shirts and same old black coat. The only add-ons that I was most confident about: the boots and the bow tie that I saved for!


Whenever you go to events, one thing shouldn’t happen—looking average. This does not mean, however, going beyond extremes. Did I look safe?


I really loved her look and of course, the dinner after.




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