How to Find A Lifetime in A Day

When everything weighs like a decade, a century or worst, a millenium for you, remember to breathe. All the wear and tear happens first in the mind before the body acknowledges it.

How to have a break from the continuity of experience? Take a significant step.

All you need is a day. One sunrise. Or, one sunset.20160424_180821 (2)

Pack your bags and go to the beach! Vitamin Sea helps in dumping all the negative vibes that float like they’re meant to. If the sun gets to set and if the waves get to crush, so should those unnecessary worries, doubts and fears inside your head.

20160424_180631 (2)

Play with the sunset. With shadows. With colors. Do it the same way you will with life.

And the best thing to do in the next few seconds? Await twilight. The best epiphanies come when dusk approaches. And given the setting? You can actually start writing poems.


If you can’t extract all the creative juices and pour all those on paper, grab a camera and start clicking it.

20160424_181912 (2)

Find potential frames and subjects, Or better, be the frame or subject of creative photographs. Get that creative shot for your profile picture!

20160424_175621 (2)

Strike one by the waves.

20160424_175618 (2)

Vary it with leg raises and other gym routines or fitness moves you have in your pocket.

Or a cover photo, perhaps? Just find the right angle. With or without people on the background. The best ones to appear right there? Your company.

P_20160425_182352_pP_20160425_182341_1_pKill it with killer shots! Do it yourself and let loose. The best thing to do when feeling a little under the weather is to charge yourself with the kinetic energy.

P_20160425_175525_1_p (2)Look for interesting things around you and capture subjects while they are immersed and somewhat aligned with the theme.

P_20160425_095314_p (2)Have fun with friends. Be all smiles and fool around. Rare are opportunities to be with people and paint memories using your bare hands!

20160424_181159 (2)

That’s me, Awen, Reg and Mae.

Mae, a colleague from my workplace, nails one here. Fab, fun and fashionable rolled into one! We went aboard a boat when the sun was still up and greeted us a good day.

P_20160425_094029_1_p (2)

Couldn’t help joining her too! We had fun with the waves and our chemistry (haha)!

P_20160425_094546_1_BF_p (2)

And talking about “#squalgoals” shots, why not try it with a clique? Here’s ours– I and my team during our games by the shores.

1609c (2)

You can find a lifetime in a day. A lifetime may mean happiness with the simplest things at hand. And a day is all it takes to experience this! Who tells you that the world is a huge playground or a horrible pit but yourself? Choose to be happy. Choose to experience lifetime in a day. Memories count and they always make you (not break you). Make one tomorrow!